ASG ENTERTAINMENT (ASGE) was founded by some of the key senior management of the Allen Schwalb Group of Companies. ASGE is a Corporate Management and Consulting firm committed to the support of our clients in the Entertainment Industry. At ASGE, we believe in the power of entrepreneurship to transform potential executives and businesses to create economic opportunity and develop commercially ready companies and products to reach global markets. We create solutions for our clients through our diverse menu of strategic consulting services in New Media, Music, Analytics, and Film & Television. Once we identify and understand our client’s vision, from inception, ASGE develops and implements the management infrastructure and systems necessary to effectively develop a business for monetization and to sustain the competitive advantage of the organization for the future.

Our Management curricula includes, Company Management, One-on-One sessions with our business specialists and organizational consultants, review of company’s existing business plan, assist Company’s management with updating a business plan, Brand Development, Marketing and Media services, establishing appropriate funding campaigns, Develop strategies to expand investor base, Manage investor support, Manage broker relations, Assisting with due diligence research on any acquisitions, Identify potential merger or acquisition targets, taking commercially ready businesses to top Investment Banking partners for funding. Assist with the facilitation of a public listing of our client’s shares.

With decades of combined experience in the film and television industry, ASGE also manages its proprietary Film and Television projects.

ASGE Aspire (ASGA) is the Faith, Family and values-driven content, media division of ASG Entertainment. ASGA endeavors to provide socially responsible film and television entertainment for the public. ASGA will not only develop and produce its own proprietary, values-driven media content but will also consider providing its services to select producers and production companies. These services can include production capital for selected projects, distribution and marketing services (digital distribution). ASGA will take advantage of the various Federal and State Tax Incentives that are available for film and television. Learn More

ASG Entertainment embraces the significance of the ever-expanding world of New Media technology and has affiliated itself with several companies on the forefront of this paradigm shift. Instead of having to choose between television, radio commercial or a print advertisement, businesses can now create media that is a combination of audio, visual, text and interactive media. This mixed-media appeals to a much larger audience with diverse preferences. Virtual Reality (VR) streaming is now one of the fastest growing platforms since the introduction of TV that filmmakers now beginning to incorporate. Reports claim that the combined revenue for both the artificial intelligence (AI) and VR markets will hit $162 billion by the year 2020. Keeping up with these evolving technologies can require strategists who are on the cutting-edge.
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ASGE Analytics (ASGX) utilizes a series of testing methodologies for film project viability. At ASGE Analytics we offer a Risk Mitigation Model that combines various viability technologies, tax credits, territorial pre-sales and insurance product. Our resultant “structured product” will hopefully create the appropriate balance, giving the producers the capital, guidance and latitude they need while at the same time offering investors assurance that numerous precautions have been implemented to protect their capital. With Complete Rights Management (CRM), we will also offer post-production and distribution facilitation services. Learn More
ASGE’s Music (ASGM) division provides turnkey solutions to our selected music clients for Development, Production, and Promotion while creating a high industry standard and foundation to launch careers. Ronnie King, Founder of Ronnie King Music and Ronnie King Group is a Multi-Platinum, Diamond Certified, Oscar and Grammy Nominated producer, composer, arranger, musician and philanthropist. ASGE King Music offers a specialized development production and launch platform for placing clients at the professional level necessary to expand their visibility and elevate their careers.
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Allen J. Schwalb, who had a proven successful track record in the motion picture and sports industries and a financier of major motion pictures including “Sudden Impact – Dirty Harry”, “Rocky”, “Moonstruck” , “Rain Man” and “The Color Purple“, passed away on July 14, 2014. Since Mr. Schwalb’s unexpected passing, a new, Legacy Company was formed by the former management of the Allen Schwalb Group, Corp. now known as Always Something Good Entertainment, Inc. dba ASG Entertainment (ASGE).

ASGE takes advantage of the current changes and trends in the Entertainment
industry utilizing the strong industry ties the company developed and maintained over the years.

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