Advisory Board & Consultants


ASG Entertainment CEO Robert Maerz with Board Member and Advisor, Vincent Nerlino

ASG Entertainment has established a Board of Advisors, which includes qualified business and industry professionals who are well established, prominent and highly respected in their professions and fields of expertise including finance, investments, business, banking, and insurance, legal and accounting. These Advisory Board professionals provide services, information and expertise to ASGE’s clients. They also generate and develop new business by referring new clients to ASGE, utilizing their contacts and relationships.

CHRIS HARBONVILLE Co-founder, CEO & President of Aladdin Media Group (AMG), and also CEO & President of New Yorker Films, a distribution firm that was founded 47 years ago. Mr. Harbonville attended UCLA’s film extension program while working on the set of many major motion pictures. Mr. Harbonville possesses unique senior level full scope experience in the entertainment industry been responsible for literary property acquisition, script development, attaching talents (aka packaging), financing, as well as physical production, marketing and distribution.

Mr. Harbonville acquired and developed many literary properties, including #1 best sellers, which he developed at Columbia Pictures with star writers such as Jeb Stuart … Die Hard, Another 48hr, and The Fugitive, among others. He has produced and co-produced a number of U.S. and international films, such as “It Rained All Night, The Day I Left”; “Girl”; “Riding Fast”, etc.

Mr. Harbonville joined “The Cambridge Film Group” an international film company headed by David Raphel, which structured financing strategy and marketing for international producers. Mr. Harbonville first served in the story department, and then as a production supervisor and producer’s liaison, in this capacity he participated in the production of films, such as “Caravan”; “The Big Bang”; “Mama Dracula”; “Shame of the Jungle”; “The Secret Diary Of
Sigmund Freud”; “The Associate”, and many more.

As an independent producer he managed the multi-faceted production phases beginning with the creative process of story and script acquisition and development, to dealing with talent agencies and unions. He is well versed in planning and/or developing new and often creative financial structures for each film, taking advantage of various tax shelter and/or tax rebates, State subsidies and/or international coproduction, in addition to analyzing and planning marketability and costs, supervising legal matters including copyright, literary/script rights acquisitions, securing all production insurance requirements, including E&O and completion bonds.

In 2010, Aladdin Media Group acquired New Yorker Films, one of the oldest and most prestigious independent film distribution companies in the US, a 47 year-old multi-media distribution company.

JOSEPH HOLLEMAN – Mr. Holleman is the CEO of Magister Technologies Inc. and its subsidiaries, Magister Investment Research, Magister Media and Magister Sports Analytics. He has also been the Chief Research Officer for GOPOPS Inc. since 2005 and has been one of the chief architects behind the GOPOPS Decision Matrix System. He is also the developer of CIT (Change in Trend) and Disequilibrium Analysis Systems for financial markets (DQ) and OwrScore rating technologies, products of over 10 years of research and a several hundred thousand dollar
personal investment. Joseph has also spent the last 30 years as an economic consultant, financial trader, analyst, system designer and money manager.

Past consulting clients have included Man Financial, Bear Stearns, Prudential Securities, Oppenheimer and Co., American Savings, Gulf International Bank of Bahrain, Valley National Bank, Fidelity Federal Savings, McCormack Advisers (A Fund of Funds hedge fund manager), etc. Joseph is a 1981 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is also a published author and a recognized expert on the nature and practical uses of cyclicality in history and financial markets, from ancient times to the present.

TRAVIS CLOYD – Mr. Cloyd is a producer and online marketing specialist with vast experience in today’s digital media world. A former scholar athlete for Arizona State University and a business graduate in 2004, Mr. Cloyd launched his first tech company while still attending college. He is currently, the founder of Mega World Media and multiple other entertainment marketing properties revolving strategic international growth through forms of new age media.

With over 11 years of experience overseeing and managing marketing strategies, Travis has a proven track record working for top companies on a global scale. From online advertising, interactive media and mobile marketing, Mr. Cloyd has customized hundreds of successful campaigns in all industries but has recently shifted his focus to the entertainment space. He has produced, executive produced and marketed many top films that have ranged from a few
hundred thousand to 80 million dollars in budgets.

Mr. Cloyd stands as an Executive Premier Member for the Southern California Venture Network, helping companies accelerate growth within Southern California and is also a Board Director for the largest film, music and gaming festival in the Southeast – Rendezvous International Film Festival. Mr. Cloyd is consulted by top film production, marketing and distribution companies focusing on generating mass awareness.

Mr. Cloyd has appeared many times as a guest speaker on MoneyTV, which airs to 180 million households in over 75 countries, and has been recognized as an Online Marketing Expert. He has also moderated and spoken at many events such as the India/USA Global Conference, Creating World Connections and many other entertainment/ technology conferences.

Mr. Cloyd is an avid explorer and outdoors-man who resides in Anchorage, Alaska but spends most his time between Amelia Island, Florida and Los Angeles, California.

VINCE NERLINO – Since 1995, Mr. Nerlino has been a business consultant engaged in providing introductions of investment banking and networking services to both public and private companies. From 1996 until 2001, he was the Chairman, CEO and President of American Sports History, Inc., a public company that was in publications and several sports related businesses.

Prior to 1995, Mr. Nerlino affiliated himself as an investment broker and executive officer at various top Wall Street investment banking firms. He was an Investment Broker at Merrill Lynch, VP at Paine Weber, and was Senior Vice President at Oppenheimer & Co. Mr. Nerlino was Associate Director/Partner at Bear Stearns where he handled over 1500 accounts totaling more than one Billion in assets, which eventually grew to almost five Billion. He was the highest retail producer in Bear Stearns history.

Mr. Nerlino represented the Catholic Religious Community clients and later personally assisted in the development of an Investment Advisory Service, which directed investment expertise and education to other Catholic organizations throughout the world. During this time, he also participated as the primary liaison/speaker at seminar meetings about investment benefits to religious organizations worldwide. While at Bear Stearns, and as chief liaison, his speech in Rome, Italy resulted in a large international client base for both the firm and the Investment Advisory Service, which gave him an opportunity to meet with clients and Vatican officials regarding the partnership between the Advisory and Bear Stearns.

He continues to participate as a consultant in providing investment banking and networking introductions to a group of personally selected, private and public companies, some of which he serves as a member on their Board of Directors. Mr. Nerlino is a member of the Professional Alliance of Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney.

RONNIE KING is founder of Ronnie King Music and co-founder of Ronnie King Entertainment. Mr. King is a Multi-Platinum, Diamond Certified (more than 10 million units) Oscar and Grammy Nominated producer, composer, arranger, musician and philanthropist. He has collaborated with multi-million dollar selling artists Dogg, The Offspring and Rancid.

Mr. King’s iconic sound is universally recognized and he is one of the few producers alive today who is known for his work across music genres: from rap to punk, from country to the blues, from classical to world music and so on. His professionalism and flexibility has established his reputation within the highly-competitive and ever evolving music industry. King is known for his famous collaborations and also his penchant for developing and producing new artists.

Ronnie King grew up in Palm Springs, California, a highly disciplined student of classical and jazz piano who later studied at the prestigious Theory at Berkeley. In the early 90’s he began touring with bands such as El Debarge and Timmy T who had a hit during the Gulf War called, “One More Try.” King’s work soon caught the eye of Jerry Heller, manager the legendary gangsta rap group NWA, whose members included hip hop icons Ice Cube, and Dr. Dre, the latter would go on to discover and produce Eminem.

Known for his multi-platinum and diamond certified collaboration with the late Tupac Shakur on tracks such as “Better Dayz” along with the pioneer producer, Johnny J., King laid the groundwork for the rise of one of hip hop music’s greatest stars as well as establishing a sound that was uniquely his own. His analog Moog keyboard and Hammond organ led him to become one of the most bootlegged, sampled and copied producers in this generation of hip hop and popular music. Having established himself in the world of hip hop, King also fell back on his passion for punk music.

Showing his versatility, King has toured with bands such as The Offspring and his keyboards are featured in their single “Hit That” King co-founded the LA punk Supergroup The Joy Killer comprised by former members of the pioneer punk band TSOL.. He has recorded with NOFX, Pennywise, and the Distillers. Despite his busy schedule King also found time to tour with the platinum-selling band Rancid.

King has been known to go surfing with Pearl Jam, play golf with Adrian Young from No Doubt, and Fat Mike from NOFX and go snowboarding with rapper Big Syke.

In 2005, “Resurrection” a documentary about the life and death of Tupac Shakur was nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 77th Academy Awards. Ronnie King’s collaborations with the late rapper were featured in the award-winning soundtrack. King has always been interested in working with artists outside of the United States. Thanks to
his close friend, Luciano Jr. former member of Los Fabolosos Cadillacs, he was introduced to legendary South American producer Alejandro Taranto. Together they began work in Argentina with the MTV Award Winning and Grammy nominated band, Infierno 18. Ronnie King continues to develop talent and business worldwide.

PETER KLINGEMAN  – Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Unicomer Group.

Peter Klingeman is the acting Chief Financial Officer for ASGE Entertainment. He is the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the Unicomer Group.

After graduating from the Nijenrode Business University in The Netherlands, Mr. Klingeman obtained an MBA in Finance in 1983 from the University of Florida. He worked 7 years in corporate and national banking at First Union Bank (later named Wachovia before becoming Wells Fargo) as Assistant Vice President.

Peter subsequently passed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam in Florida as well as the National Association of Securities Dealers’ (NASD) Series 7 securities exam. He worked for BDO Seidman in Auditing and Tax, one of largest accounting firms worldwide.

In 1992, Peter joined Baxter Healthcare Corp. (then a $9 billion medical supplier) where he was Controller for their European Cardiovascular operations. He joined Ceteco NV in 1995, where he was responsible for Finance, Consumer Credit and IT, in Central America. He coordinated investment banking and due diligence activities in the process of the sale of Ceteco NV’s Latin American operations in 2000. He was then hired as CFO by Unicomer Group, the purchaser of some of those operations in the region. In this position he oversaw growth of 1,200% in Revenues over a 14 year period through organic growth and acquisitions. Unicomer Group has grown to become the leading company in non-food retail and consumer finance in 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, employs 15,000 people and has international credit ratings from Standard & Poors and Fitch.

Peter was appointed in mid-2014 as Consul General of The Netherlands to El Salvador. He speaks Dutch, English, Spanish as well as some German and French. He has been a member of the Economic and Trade Policy Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce.

DOUG PLANK – Mr. Doug Plank has extensive experience as a professional football Coach, mostly as a Head Coach. He is the current Head Coach for the Arena Football League’s (AFL’s) team, the Orlando Predators. The Predators played in 2013 AFL playoffs. In 2012 Mr. Plank was the Head Coach of the AFL Philadelphia Soul, which finished with the league’s best record of 15-3 and played in Arenabowl XXV. In 2011 Doug was the Director of Football Operations for the Elite Football League of India, Mumbai, India where he supervised American coaches in the start up of professional football in India. Doug Plank was the Football Program Assistant for the Ohio State University Buckeyes, which finished 11-1 and were Big 10 Co-Champions. He was the Assistant Secondary Coach for the NFL New York Jets, and in 2008 the Assistant Coach to the NFL Atlanta Falcons. From 2004-2007, Mr. Plank was the Head Coach for the AFL’s Georgia Force and was twice the AFL Coach of Year in 2005, 2007. The Georgia Force played in the Arena Bowl in 2005. Doug won more games in his first four years than any other AFL head coach. From 2002-2004, Mr. Plank was the Defensive Coordinator for the Arizona Rattlers and coached in 3 consecutive Arena Bowls.

As a football player, Doug Plank was a Defensive back for the Chicago Bears from 1975-1983. He was the 12th Round Pick in the 1975 NFL Draft. Doug was the first Chicago Bear rookie to lead the team in tackles. Defensive Coordinator Buddy Ryan created and named the 46 Defense after Doug Plank’s jersey number for his role in the defense. The Chicago Bears used this scheme during the 1985 season winning Super Bowl XX. Mr. Plank was regarded as the one of the Hardest Hitting Safeties in NFL history. From 1971-1974, Mr. Plank was a Defensive back for Ohio State University, and won 3 consecutive Big 10 titles. Doug played in 3 consecutive Rose Bowls and was the leading tackler on the Kickoff Team.

Mr. Doug Plank is also a successful entrepreneur. From 1984-2004, Doug owned and operated 20 Burger King restaurants in 3 states over that 20 year period and has been recognized by the Burger King Corporation for his superior service. He created pro-formas, analyzed income statements, reviewed balance sheets and participated in the negotiations for purchasing restaurant locations. As a general contractor from 2002-2007, Mr. Plank built and supervised construction of Burger King restaurants, custom homes, and multi-family buildings. Mr. Plank is a licensed realtor since 1980 and has represented investors in purchasing multifamily units and acquiring commercial properties for Burger King Restaurant development.

Since 1995, Mr. Plank has been a broadcaster in radio and television as an analyst for Fox Sports, Westwood One, Sports USA Radio, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Arizona Cardinals and a National color analyst for NCAA and NFL football games.

As a Speaker, Mr. Plank has given corporate seminars as well as educational seminars and workshops to high school coaches on recruiting.

Mr. Plank earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Ohio State University and completed the CPA Tract of accounting classes at Elmhurst College.