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ASGE FILM & TELEVISION (ASGFT) is the Faith, Family and values-driven media content division of ASG Entertainment. ASGFT endeavors to provide socially responsible film and television entertainment to the public. ASGFT will not only develop and produce its own proprietary, media content but will also consider providing its services to select producers and production companies. These services can include production capital for selected projects, distribution and marketing services (digital distribution). ASGFT will take advantage of the various Federal and State Tax Incentives that are available for film and television – presently most of our films will be produced in Louisiana and Georgia.




ASG FILMS (ASGF) has completed and delivered its feature film BorderCross to its distributors and have arranged for domestic and worldwide distribution with a formal release date of December 5, 2017. The film will be marketed through a combination of planned, localized charitable and media events in conjunction with various notable national and international distributors. We are particularly flattered that we have been chosen by Walmart as one of its 24 films that are purchased on an annual basis. Walmart has a corporate foundation that works to combat human trafficking and selected our film at the Berlin Film Festival this past winter. Our film will be available in an estimated 3200 Walmart stores starting December 5 and over the course of 2018 we will be able to see the film on various SVOD, VOD platforms, i.e. Netflix as well as Redbox and Family rental stores (700 stores in the heartland). We will be marketing the film and soundtrack on many social media platforms. We have found in many cases that churches and other non-profit institutions that are also involved in combating human trafficking are amenable and pleased with the outcome of using films as a means of bringing awareness to this horrific crime. ASGFT’s distribution model also includes the concurrent marketing of the BorderCross soundtrack, which is a combination of very popular, past/present, emerging, domestic and international artists as well as original scoring. The soundtrack is compiled by our Music Supervisor Ronnie King, whose impressive bio you can read here. To learn more about BorderCross the Movie please click here or on the poster above.


Eight Flags
eight flagsASG Television (ASGT) has created, developed and recently completed the story Bible for its proposed proprietary family television show currently entitled Eight Flags. Eight Flags is an action-adventure series patterned after the great mystery adventure stories and shows of the past – The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Treasure Island and Murder She Wrote. ASGT has entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Global Genesis Group for the further development, financing, completion and broadcasting of the television show. ASG Television has also received a preliminary financing commitment from Westbrook Capital for the financing of Eight Flags. The series will be produced in the coastal regions of NE Florida and SE Georgia because of the historical connectivity between this geographic regions and the stories. This area steeped with historical events has many unsolved mysteries endemic to the area. Eight Flags will feature suspense, mystery, buried treasure, pirates, sharks, ghosts, and crime solving by a diverse, intuitive group of teens using their smarts and high-tech gadgets to solve mysteries. Aspire television has an association with a very reputable and successful toy and merchandising company to provide toy merchandising and licensing worldwide. ASGT is also working with a very notable Virtual Reality (VR) production company that will produce various VR APPS based on the characters and events from the show. Aspire has recently opened active dialogue with numerous broadcasters for the licensing of the show.

Legends and Lyrics
asge-aspire logoASG Television plans on providing production, executive production, marketing and distribution services for the Legends and Lyrics television series. ASGT in conjunction with Song Writers in the Round, LLC (SWITR), the majority owners of Legends and Lyrics, are working together to have Season I ready for broadcasting in the fall of 2017. Legends & Lyrics has eighteen (18) episodes already produced, as well as 200+ hours of footage, music content and interviews in the video library. Season I, consisting of eight episodes is produced and completed and we are in the process of facilitating synchronization rights for the songs to enable the show to be broadcast.