Welcome to ASGE King Music (ASGM) – we are happy you are here! If you are a music professional you are probably working in the same environment as many of those working in the feature film industry. Today both the music and film industries are dominated predominantly by independent musicians and film producers. Twenty to thirty years ago, our industries were dominated by the record labels and major studios. If you were fortunate enough to have your talents recognized and were able to facilitate a contract for the production of your record album or film, the studios and the labels paid for everything including the distribution and marketing of your respective projects. Although you may have signed most if not all of your rights away for the opportunity to record and/or produce, most of the details for your projects were attended to.

Today, over 85% of the recorded music and feature films are financed and produced by people like yourselves who may not have a personal or professional relationship with a major label or studio. If this is the case and you are resourceful enough to get your music recorded or film made, you would find yourself in a situation where you realize that you’ve really only gotten “halfway there”. Although we all believe in ourselves and are passionate about our pursuit (why else would we be doing this), you realize that even though your “baby” is beautiful nobody is coming to view or listen to it. At this point you are relegated to your instincts and potential relationships to help you promote, market, distribute and sell your project. Overall this is a pretty daunting task. This is also assuming your project has been produced and/or recorded at a very high professional level.

In today’s competitive global, digital business environment, everyone is diligently analyzing and seeking alternatives to enable them to create a business strategy that will facilitate their project or their company to gain some competitive advantage. Even so, most of these strategies fail.

We at ASGE King Music have created a platform of services to ensure that our clients receive a product they can be proud of. Along with the incredible music production history and talent of Ronnie King, we have also identified and selected (outsourced) an aggregation of seasoned veterans to assist our clients with the creation of an effective “launch and promotion” program that will elevate and enhance the visibility of their project with radio play, Billboard Chart listing and social media presence. For our menu select clients, another very unique benefit they will receive is equity (shares) in ASGE King Music. This is a feature very unique to our company and the industry and provides our clients ownership and added value.

We want to thank you for taking the time to visit our site and upon request we can provide you with our menu of services and additional information.

President, ASGE King Music


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